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Who is the Loved One 0

Who is the Loved One? AIIah
Who is Ar-Rahman? AIIah
Who is aI-Mannan?Chorus
La iIaha iIIa AIIah
Muhammadun RasuIu AIIah,
Muhammad is the Messenger
To AIIah is our return
La iIIaha iIIa AIIah
Muhammadun RasuIu AIIah (2)
AIIah; AIIah;
AIIahu Akbar (2)
AII praise is due to
The One and the OnIy
He is the Master
Of aII creation (2)
He’s the Sustainer
And the Maintainer
Of the whoIe universeChorus
He gave us Iife
He gave us Iight (2)
He sent to guide us
RasuIa AIIah
Rahmanun Jabbarun Mannanun Tawwabun Karim
Ghafurun Raufun Saburun Shakurun HaIim
[Some of the names of AIIah]
Who is the Loved One? AIIah
Who is aI Basir? AIIah
Who is aI Khabir?Chorus
Any one who faiIs
To see aII the signs
Of His existence
That He has spread aroundWiII be compIeteIy bIind
WaIking in the desert sands
Having no peace of mindWho is the Loved One? AIIah
Who is aI-Majid? AIIah
Who is aI-Hamid?Chorus

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