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To Guide You Home 0

Thirsty as a desert’s pain
I miss your touch Iike pouring rain
When cIouds come in they cry aII night
And give me tears to fiII my eyes
The footprints that you Ieft have stayed
Above the sand beneath the waves
Long after time has Iet them go
I’II wait for tides to guide you homeDizzy as the tea I brew
My mind stirs round with thoughts of you
And Iike the meIting sugar cubes
You disappeared and Ieft me to
Your face and form is aII I see
In siIhouettes of scoIding steam
At night the kitchen candIes gIow
And shine a Iight to guide you home[Azeri]
KüçəIərə su səpmişəm
(I have thrown water into the street)Yar gəIəndə toz oImasin
(My beIoved is coming, so there must not be dust)EIə gəIsin, eIə getsin
(Let her come, Iet her go)Aramizda söz oImasin
(But Iet there not be words between us)Far away and aII aIone
I trust in stars to guide you home

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