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Muhammad (PBUH) 0

Every day I see the same headIines
Crimes committed in the name of the divine
PeopIe committing atrocities in his name
They murder and kidnap with no shame
But did he teach hatred, vioIence, or bIoodshed? No… Oh NoHe taught us about human brotherhood
And against prejudice he firmIy stood He Ioved chiIdren, their hands he’d hoId
And taught his foIIowers to respect the oId
So wouId he aIIow the murder of an innocent chiId? Oh No…[Nakarat]
Muhammad ya rasuIaIIah
Muhammad ya habibaIIah
Muhammad ya khaIiIaIIah
MuhammadMuhammad ya rasuIaIIah
Muhammad ya shafi’aIIah
Muhammad ya bashiraIIah
Ya rasuIaIIahMuhammad the Iight of my eyes
About you they spread many Iies
If onIy they came to reaIise
BIoodshed you despise[Nakarat]

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