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Salli ya Rabbi thumma sallim ‘ala man
Huwa li-l-khalqi rahmatun wa-shifa’un
Wa-‘ala l-ali wa-s-sahabati jam‘an
Ma tazayyanat bi-n-nujumi s-sama’uSo pray my Lord and bestow blessings upon him
Who is for all mankind, a grace and a healing
So also on his fair Companions and kinsmen
With blessings that abide like the sky’s lofty ceilingAccept and pity them as my intercessor
Upon the day when all need an intercessor
And in this gloomy age keep me and my people
For in our day our power has grown faint and feebleFor in these times the faith is once more a stranger
Thus did you once foretell, the decent in danger
So catch us lest we fall in the pit of peril
For on this day we tire, after blunder and quarrel

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