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Araftul Hawa 0

I only knew love when I knew love of Thee
I sealed up my heart against Thy enemyI stood long in converse with Thee, who doth see
My heart’s inner secrets, but Thou I don’t seeMy love is twin loves, yet the twain are for Thee
The first’s for Thy love, and the other’s for TheeAnd as for the first, which is love of Thy love
Remembrance complete, not distracted from Thee‘Araftul-hawa mudh ‘araftu hawak
Wa-’aghlaqtu qalbi ‘ala man ‘adakAnd as for the second: my true love of Thee
I see Thou as present in all that I seeAll praise to Thy name, and no praises for me
For Thine is the glory in all unity‘Araftul-hawa mudh ‘araftu hawak
Wa-’aghlaqtu qalbi ‘ala man ‘adak’Uhibbuka hubbayni, hubba l-hawa
Wa-hubban li-’annaka ’ahlu l-lidhakFa-’amma l-ladhi huwa hubbul-hawa
Fa-shughli bi-dhikrika ‘an man siwakWa-’amma l-ladhi ’anta ’ahlu l-lahu
Fa-lastu ’ara l-kawna hatta ’arakFa-la l-hamdu fi dha wa-la dhaka li
Wa-lakin laka l-hamdu fi dha wa-dhak

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